The Brotherhood of the Essenes

The Light of the Animal Kingdom


“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you.   
   For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened”

Read some of the teachings of the Brotherhood of the Essenes

An opportunity to read some of the past lectures and papers given by the Brethren at Glastonbury and to other

invited audiences. Please note that a new lecture will be placed on this page around the time of each New Moon.


The Essenic Light   - an extract from a small booklet written by Brother Rex

Here are published two extracts from a very early Essenic publication, “The Essenic Light” written Brother Rex, our first Supreme Magus over 50 years ago. Included are “20 Reasons why you should study the Divine Mysteries” and also “How the seven auras or personalities are superimposed”. Although quite unusual, in that both extracts are a list of statements, a good deal can be deduced regarding the scope of teaching Essenism covered in Brother Rex’s day, the importance of which is every bit as relevant today. It  is intended that further extracts from this booklet will be made available in the months to come.

Father Stanley (Brother Stanley at the time he delivered these talks!) was a very gentle, yet powerful soul. Each year his audience would be treated to a insightful discussion on an esoteric matter, coupled with a tale of how animals have affected the lives of those he came in contact with. Whilst his delivery may appear to quaint and dated, what is undeniable is his strength, the authority with which he spoke - and his love for Essenism and animal creation. Those of you who remember Stanley will greatly enjoy these memories.

Aquarius Rising: The Writings of Father Mark

Aquarius Rising - Symbolism of the Zodiac

Father Mark might justly be called the intellectual arm of the Brotherhood. Although, if he were here today, he would deny all claims to such fame, and would merely say he had set down on paper what he himself  had been taught by others far greater than he. Following the death of Brother Rex in the late 1950’s the mantle of  Leader of the Brotherhood fell on Father Mark’s broad shoulders,  that is in a metaphorical sense for he was never a robust in stature. And his wise guidance and gentle humility were appreciated every bit as much as his spiritual and intellectual powers by  all who came in touch with him during his time, for his aim was always to serve.

In this paper, Father Mark discusses the symbolism of the Zodiac and how it describes the great basic movements of history and the inner truths of religion. As in his earlier paper in the Aquarius Rising series - this detailed paper differs from that given in “The Essenic Mysteries” and has not been seen by the public for many years.

Father Mark’s writings are always illuminating and thought provoking and early editions of his Essenic Mysteries booklets are often offered for sale on the internet for large sums of money. You have the opportunity to read them here... And they are freely given.....

 “The Seven Pointed Star” (1982)  A paper given by Brother Stanley

Brother Rex

The first Supreme Magus

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Read more of Father Mark’s writings in

“The Essenic Mysteries”


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