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ANNUAL CONVOCATION - Sunday June 21st 2015 at Glastonbury
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The Divine Ceremony of the Calling of the Angelic Names

Venerates in the highest degree the Inspired Word of God

Prepares for the coming of Our Lord

Is to found the new Aquarian Church

Heralds the New Kingdom, thus sanctifying all Animal Creation

Develops the true system of Natural Healing

Preserves and protects the Mysteries of the Greater Arcana

21st June Annual Convocation at Glastonbury

The Town Hall at Glastonbury, where we are preparing for our Annual Convocation.

The True Place of the Animal Kingdom

Many of the teachings of the present day Essenes are in Astrological Form. Various papers giving these teachings are found on this website and a new paper will be added and an older one removed around the time of each New Moon. Please check back regularly

Within that portion of the manifested universe we refer to as the Kingdom of Heaven there exists an area which is called the Animal Planes. It is an area where the spiritual counterpart of all the animals on earth exist and the fact that it is part of the Kingdom of Heaven makes it divine. It necessarily follows therefore that animals, unlike human beings are without sin and incarnate on the Earth planet solely to assist mankind.

Read in full a detailed paper presented in 2001 by Father Ronald to a Rosicrucian society that remains hidden to society at large..........

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Monthly Message

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Membership Enquiries

Membership is open to all who ASK…..and who can confirm that:-

They have attended at least one Annual Convocation at Glastonbury on June 21st

They are in sympathy with the Principles of the Brotherhood

They accept the true place of the Animal Kingdom

Admission is by way of a ceremony, usually held at Glastonbury

Please write to us at B.C.M. GLASTON, London WC1N 3XX, UK
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