The Brotherhood of the Essenes

The Light of the Animal Kingdom



For the Annual Convocation


The True Place of Animals in The Divine Scheme - by Father Ronald

A lecture given to a Rosicrucian College - somewhere in England

Father Ronald, who was Supreme Magus of the Brotherhood of  the Essenes from 2000 until June 2012 was well known and respected amongst the “hidden” esoteric community that operate away from public gaze. His undoubted knowledge, wisdom and skill in the occult arts inevitably meant that he would shine amongst those who walk this path of service to the Most High. This lecture gives an insight into Father Ronald’s style of delivery, which was very relaxed and friendly, yet  deals with many deep and important matters with astounding clarity

Return “They shall neither hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain” sayeth the Ever Living One” Isaiah 11


(as a puppy)

Father Ronald

Supreme Magus

2000 - 2012