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The Light of the Animal Kingdom


The Early Years

The Essenes

A brief background....

Many people are familiar with the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls, even if they have never read a book about their contents. Yet really very few know anything about the Essenes themselves. Most people never heard of the Essenes until the scrolls were discovered in 1945, and those who had believed that they only existed on this one occasion as a rather secretive Jewish sect, situated on the shores of the Dead Sea; and that they disappeared from the course of history for good around the time of the second temple in 70 AD.

Such however was not the case. We know of course that some contemporary records exist regarding the Essenes of 2,000 years ago, from the writings of such people as Pliny, the Roman naturalist, Philo, the Alexandrian philosopher and Josephus, the Jewish historian. Josephus, who died in 70 AD called the Essenes “The marvel of the World”... saying that they had existed for thousands of years.....

So - if we are going to examine the background to the Essenes, we have to look elsewhere than a mere 2,000 years ago on the shores of the Dead Sea.

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To which every member subscribes

A belief in a Supreme Being to whom we must all submit and ought most humbly to adore.

To give due obedience to the laws of God and at the same time to abide by the laws and established customs of your country of residence, to the best of your ability.

To accept the sanctity of the Animal Kingdom and the life that emanates therefrom.

To support the Animal Kingdom here on Earth and to prevent cruelty to such creatures wherever possible.

To support and uphold the Brotherhood to the best of your ability at all times.

To assist the work of the Essenes in preparing the ground for the new teachings of this the new Aquarian Age.

The Brotherhood of the Essenes

For over 90 years the Essenes have been holding their Annual Convocation at Glastonbury.  There is a place awaiting everyone.....

To communicate the teachings of the Lesser Arcana to those of like mind, whilst preserving those of the Greater Arcana.

Early Authorities

Later Authorities

Who are the Essenes ?

The Future

The Essenes today

Where do they come from ?

“And they rest not, neither night or day... saying Holy, Holy, Holy,                           
                                              LORD God Almighty….. which was, and is, and is to come....”
June 21st Invitation

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An early Essenes pamphlet raising awareness of the importance of the Animal Kingdom….see more