Who are the Essenes ?




     The Brotherhood of the Essenes is initiated order whose members are highly trained and highly skilled in the deeper aspects of occultism. They exist in the world at all times, and have existed from the immemorial as one ritual puts it, but they are not always visible to the public except at certain times as set in the Heavens.

     The Essenes are responsible for the guidance given to humanity in every age, that guidance depending upon God’s Great Plan for humanity. For there is a plan, a very detailed plan, have no doubt about that whatsoever. It is because there is this plan that progress throughout the ages has not been accidental or haphazard, neither is it dependent upon the will of man. There is a specific reason for everything that happens because material conditions are dependent upon prior spiritual causes, and not, as is commonly supposed, the other way round.

     This it follows that the Essenes are responsible at certain pre-defined times in world history for developing on earth particular conditions which enable God’s Plan, as set in the heavens above, to be expressed in the material world here below.

     At certain times or crises of history, and in accordance with the particular sign in the Heavens, the Essenes appear as a public organisation. They give to the public, both by example and instruction, the teachings of the New Age. Eventually they are responsible for the emergence of the World Teacher.

     The reality is always the same, the pattern and the organisation which is formed are slightly different in every age, and the teaching which is given out becomes more truly mystical and deeply occult on each occasion, as mankind progresses.