Later Authorities




     When we come nearer to more modern times, for example in the 19th Century, there are a number of books by various writes of the Essenes.The book entitled ‘The Essenes, their History & Doctrines’ by Christian D. Ginsburg LL.D is quite well known to scholars. It was first published in 1864 and in it the author expressed the view that:

     "It is very surprising that the Essenes, whose exemplary virtues elicited the unbounded admiration of even the Greeks and Romans, and whose doctrines and practices contributed so materially to the spread of Christianity, should be so little known among intelligent Christians".While C.W. Heckethorn wrote in his work entitled "Secret Societies":

     "The Essenes had a grand secret of which all but the highest in rank were totally unconscious, and that the faithful received a new name and a mark upon a white stone."

     Even Edward Schure writing in "Jesus the Last Great Initiate" says:

     "What he (Jesus) wished to know he could learn from none other that the Essenes."

     Then again that greatest of all 19th century writers on esoteric subjects, A.E. Waite wrote in his book "The Secret Tradition":

     "The Essenes remained the depository of the Christ mystery in the Eastern World".

     When we come to today Collins Encyclopaedia informs us:


     "The Essenes were famous for their mysteries and esoteric knowledge, but the nature of their organisation which demanded secrecy from its members has made it difficult to determine the precise nature of this knowledge."

     And the views of Dr. Robert G. Chaney D.D. written in 1958 cannot be ignored for in his book "The Essenes and their Ancient Mysteries" he states:

     "It has long been the Author’s belief that true Christianity cannot be understood until one meets the Essenes. There is something about these remarkable people which strengthens one’s own conviction and provides a new insight into the basic tenets of Christianity."

     So if we are going the examine the whys and wherefores of the Essenes ‘who have existed for thousands of years’ and their teaching perpetuated through these immense ages, and whether that teaching changes over long periods of time, we have to look elsewhere than a mere 2,000 years ago on the shoes of the Dead Sea. So what is the overall plan? And what is the function of the Essenes? Where did they come from ? And why are they here today?

     Fortunately, the answers to these questions can now be given for the first time.